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Posted by on 2017/08/07 under Life

Everyone has a hole. A big open space deep down inside where they know their soul should be. So many of us try to fill that hole with substitutes. Some go for drugs. Some go for sex. Some go for possessions. SO many of us just live our lives trying to find different things to try and fill that space with. In the end I know that space is the natural longing for humans to be close with God. I know that's what it is because when I was close with God that hole closed up completely.

I don't know what to do. It seems like I've tried so hard to find distractions but I know that God is the only way I will feel better. Jesus is the only way. I know it. So why do I keep avoiding Him?

One thought on “Empty Hole

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think we all feel the need to be close to something. Whether it be God, friends or family. It is an inevitable feeling that no one can escape. Everybody has felt it or is feeling it. You’re right, people use different things to temporarily fill that hole and if you think God is your dirt that will fill your hole, then do it. Don’t worry about anything else, except making that connection. I believe once that hole is filled with what you want, you will not feel a hole but you will feel whole.

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