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What is it in life we seek? It’s different for everyone and not one person wants exactly the same thing. I have thought about this many times and it still doesn’t seem any easier. One person to the next has different thoughts on almost everything. Some people want that perfect family life where they have the perfect family life, where they have the perfect home and the perfect children. Where they all work 9-5 and spend weekends together doing fun activities and spend quality time as a family. Others want nothing more than a sucessful career path where they earn lots of money and have a huge house that everyone envies,no children, early retirement and a partner to share it with. Some are happy to spend life alone.these are the smal minority but how do we know what it is we want? I used to think my life would just fall into place and I would know what I wanted to do, but even now ustill don’t. The truth is alot o us simply settle with what we have at that moment in time. It can also be what you have been brought uo into. For some of us it’s to have children and bring them up how we have been brought up and we are all guilty of simply following the culture trend. Some people have their ways because that’s the only way we know how. Some of us do as we should not nessessarily want to. Due to religion and tradition we follow the paths set out for us already. Arranged marriages are the perfect example of this. You have a partner chosen for you who is deemed appropriate for you and who will do you an your family proud. You may not love this person but it can grow into love. It’s not got everyone but to some people it’s the easy route or the perfect solution. Others out of tradition are expected to marry young, 16-17 have children and that is their path. Men are meant to go to work and be the domaint figure and the woman is supposed to stay at home, look after the children and do the cleaning ,be the mother figure and nuturor of the family. Althoyght these people, traditions and cultures still exist and is a way of life to many, there is never a wrong or right conclusion to this. Now in the 21st century this is still a way of life but some people choose different. Falling in love with your soul mate is not always an option. Over the years I believe this has got harder and I’m struggling to see if there is a light at the end of the tunnel if there really is someone for everyone. I think that yes the Is ‘a one’ but they are not always going to be ‘the one’ I’m not even sure it exists anymore and if it does how do we know? Trail and error I guess. At one point in our lives we have all been with someone we have thought is ‘the one’ for me. But with 1 in 2 marriages ending in divorce nowadays, is it really true? There is someone for everyone? I find it hard to believe myself. What happened to the days when you met someone you loved got married and that was is. Your life set in stone?! What changed the way things used to be? I believe it’s because we changed. There was a much easier time before we all saw what we could have, could achieve and now we could have better. It seems a matter of opinion but we all have reasons for wanting to change ourselves for better or worst. I’m not saying its wrong to want more at all but what ever happened to the basics. We never used to need all the money some of us so badly crave. We never needed to have a huge house or a flashy sports car, infact there was a time when it was almost unheard of. So what changed and who changed. When did we become so materialised in our day to day routines. At work we are are all constantly drained by figures and targets , profit and loss. I know money makes the world go round but what happened to just enjoying and living out lives? It’s different everywhere you go and we don’t realise the variety we have in life. If we have been brought up in a town, surrounded by open lands and a rather quiet lifestyle to most. Are we less ambitious to these who follow there dreams and strive to sucess? When did there evoke such a large separation and feel its because some of us want more and want to become what our heart desires yet we never follow it through. I myself am ‘settled’ in a job I don’t particularly like but it’s my routine and it’s all I know. I want to do more and be more but it’s the risk of the unknown. We could all go onto bigger and better things and follow our dreams yet these days it seems almost impossible, how do I know I can do better? Simple I don’t actually have a clue, I know if I don’t try I won’t achieve. Trying seems pointless in the light of day, true be told not everyone knows what they want to do or what there purpose really is. In my opinion I think the easy route is taken by many because to do what we want to do, to have what we want to have is sometimes out of reach due to the way we look at ourselves . Is any one person really better than the next? Just because you have money or a great job or the perfect family , who is to say we are any better than anyone else? No one is the truth, no one is better than anyone else, we are all human and all equal. In a dream world this is how I would like it to be. But nowadays with the constant change in society and the never ending development of our ways we seen to forget just how lucky we are simply to be what and who we are. When did we forget our morals and motivation ? So remember … When you think it’s over, it’s barely just begun . Be true to yourself and others and you may begin to appreciate what really counts to you. I am who I am and you are who you are, no one can change that but ourselves.


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