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Write your thoughts/feelings here…Previously I wrote and expressed myself and want to clarify my last statement. My wife suffers from arthritis and ever since our kids have grown into hard working honest men. My wife no longer desires me I don’t know if its because I’m not well endowed.She only has sex if I lye on top while she satisfies herself.I’be caught het touching herself but she wants nothing to do with me. It’s been 25 years since we have had sex. We divorced so she soul be able to have everything in her name do the boys would get everything in case we die. She days she lobes me but she never shows it. I am alone most of the time she’s on her cell all the time. I do the daily chores she does some. I have no friends to talk to nor visit I’m treated like an outcast ; ostricized because of my English accent in Puerto Rico by some people I know. I wished there was some one to talk to.

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