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here…I misspelled some words in my earlier comment. When I talked of my wife she liked sex only when I laid on top of her lesbo style I guess? Any way were divorced living like friends she her cell phone me. Books , ameture painting , and tv surfing afraid to be lonely.

2 thoughts on “18-02-12(10:18:31)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why comment when yours goes into the wind nobody answers or cares.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel for most of you its not easy to write and be ignored lonliness is what we all have in common and at least here we can express ourselves. I’m willing to listen. I only hope that others are willing to answer I’m told that’s how communications develop. I’m here your there if don’t hear from anyone then I know the reality of things was as I had always thought we are only interested in our own problems and care not of other peoples predicaments so if I see nothing this is my last comment although I wish you all well and pray for you all.

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