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Posted by on 2012/02/15 under Uncategorized

lately i don’t know whats going on with me ,i feel so empty in side and that everything i do is so wrong in the eyes of everyone else i just want to give up ,but i know i can i have to much dreams to make come true for my self but i cant shake the feeling of something missing feel like my life is just the same record playing over and over again everyday i can literally say whats going to happen to me and ,i hate my family my dad is an ass who tries to hard and my step mother is an evil b**** i have a step brother who is also a big c*** and my sisters are just annoying i wish everyone can just leave me alone to just be my self ,at school i feel so out of place lately and even my friends don’t get me anymore they disagree with everything i have to say and i know they joke around about me but sometimes i just feel like i need a break to just refresh myself .the guy i use to like is still cute but he”s a jerk and i know im better than that but i feel like im a nice person but nothing really happens ive never been in love or have an real boyfriend and i feel so seperated from everything i just need a re boost ok im done i guess i should be content with my life cause it”s not bad and some kid would want this lif more than anything but i just cant take it anyymore i just have to be selfish once in a while but im to nice and i care more about people than i do myself but im dont im gona try my hardest to become invisible and gone to everyone : /

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