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I didn’t expect anything like this to happen. My first impression of you was when Ms. B told us to work together, and I felt so uncomfortable because I had no idea who you were. Honestly, I may have judged you a bit on first glance, not bad, but still. Once we got to talking though, I was amazed at how willing you were to help me, and to ask me questions about myself, and how patient you were with me. Aside from that, I didn’t have any other thoughts about you. That night you added me on Facebook, and then posted that you remembered me, and I went and saw some of your previous comments. I remember at the time I was flattered, but I had no idea who you were. I was nice, but I let it all fade out. I remembered though. We got to talking and you were so incredibly cool, and nice, and you asked me questions and input your own opinions. Interesting questions, questions that made me think. You didn’t mind my long replies and you’d send your own in return. You were so unique and open minded, yet opinionated, determined yet subtle . Subtle in your humor, and your attitude, and the way you’d get me to tell you things. We talked about school, and life, and values, and books, and music, and love, and memories, and music, We could hold actual conversations with some sort of depth. You didn’t judge me or tell me my opinions were wrong. If we disagreed, that was fine and we went on talking. You did and said sweet things and I didn’t feel like I deserved it. Hearing from you would make my day that much better. The difference between you and everyone else I knew really intrigued me, and I was roped in. “Lassoed” if you will.Then the nice surprise of the first phone call really made me see how interested you were. Things went on from there. Things you said subconsciously changed my decisions and the way I looked at things. You opened my eyes and my mind to a great way of looking at things. And now it’s been 15 days. Only 15 days later and so much has happened between us. You wrote me a poem, and I then I knew all the things you had left unsaid. You opened that up to me, and to my interpretation, and let me take the wheel. So I did. I was straightforward, told you how I felt and what I wanted. You took that. We sat on the wall above the street signs. We sat and listened to beautiful music and ate ice cream. We drove through downtown, way too far South and were lost. The whole time talking about various things. We sat and talked more out in the cold. When the evening came to and end it was all too soon. So we spoke for 6 hours on the phone, questioning each other. Then it came out. You wanted to kiss me, but you couldn’t. I told you you’d get your chance, because I wanted it to. The next day not much was said between us, but you thought about me all day and weren’t afraid to let me know. We were together again, and we walked for hours around and around in the dimming light. We ate a whole pizza. I saw you staring. We drove around wondering where to go next because we didn’t want the night to end. You took me to your old school, and we climbed to the roof and were together under the thin blanket. Then it was magic. I felt like such a child this whole time, but that first kiss made me feel so alive. The time and place and the chill in the air made it so perfect. Then we couldn’t stop. It was silly and fun and we couldn’t help but smile and we were just together. You kissed my cheeks, and my hands over and over. You held my face, and brushed back my hair. I had to leave, but I held out for as long as possible, because I had been missing this feeling for far too long. I smiled the whole way home, and all into that night. We stayed up way too late talking, but I didn’t mind because the pain in my cheeks and the butterflies in my stomach were sweet to me.
I want to go back, not to change anything, but to do it again, over and over and over.

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