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Im 17, i used to love going out all the time, id always go to parties and get wasted and have an amazing time, or just chill at a friends. but recently my desire to do the things i loved has completely dissolved. I cry all the time, i have no motivation to work for my upcoming Alevel exams, I just sit doing nothing. I cry all the time and cant go out. i couldnt get on the bus the other day, whats wrong with mme! its so frustrating cos my stepsister went through this two years and has since been diagnosed with severe depression. i can see the signs and im scared the same is happening to me. ive never felt so alone, yet when people try to comfort me i distance myself. i just want to be alone,
im so scared

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes.. it does sound like depression girl.

    I had it too. If you actually want to get better medication really does help, I am on ephexor.. having depression doesnt make you a loser or a failure it is completly and totally a chemical imbalance in the brain that can be treated and you do not have to tell anyone about it. but if you r set against it possibly involving yourself with new things and new people can give you a new look on life and yourself. Your sister is not a loner and nothing is wrong with her. 70% of teenagers suffer from mild to severe depression. Start fresh. If your family has hereditary post-pardom depression then drinking may make it worse and trigger negative thoughts and feelings. You need to find a new purpose and make goals for yourself and figure out what you dont want to happen with these thoughts and take action so you can prevent it. You may feel lazy and have no desire to do it but u HAVE to push yrself if you want to ever be happy again. Socializing is not always key but try to speak to at least one loved one and spend sometime writing (like you have which is great work!) and taking long walks outside to enjoy nature.. have a cold shower and listen to uplifting music and try and create and idol for yrself and strive to think positive and be like them. These things will help to make the crying go away. I know sometimes u like the crying and dont want to stop but remember every emotion is strong and laughing is as wonderful as the release of crying. Get back to laughing again. Try and find people who use there time more productivly and have high morals. You need these things to feel good. Remember what you want… alone or ;oved? Sad or happy? make a choice girl.. yr priceless.. dont waste yr life and soul on the hurt… spend it on what matters.. yr happiness

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