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I hate missing you. It’s completly unfair. We were perfect; and not in the fairy tale stories perfect… perfect like people are supposed to be. There were days that I hated you and days you hated me. There were days that we thought for sure we could live like this forever. We learned to love each other through the years that we spent together. We watched each other grow and fail. I came to you with a broken heart and a nieve view of the world. I thought that every man was a knight in shining armor. I gave you waaay to much credit. You used me. And when we were apart you rarely thought of me; but when I went away and then came back from college and realized who I was; I saw the change in you. You saw the hs girl on the inside and a girl with confidence on the outside. You used me again. I feel deeper for you and you loved the ego boost. We both saw each other in serious realtionships; but remained thick as theives. I never ever in my life thought that you wouldn’t be here. I doubted that we would last as a couple; but I never thought we wouldn’t be friends. I HATE that it took me leaving and getting married for you to see that you NEEDED me; it wasn’t just me. I always knew that I neede you. But you didn’t see it. I miss you so much. I hate thinking that you can go on with your life; following the dreams that we set out for us; and not think of me. I want to be your ghost. I want to haunt you for everything you have done to me. I want you never to forget the girl that loved you when you hated yourself. When you were a no one. I want you to answer and email or a text. I want you back in my life.

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