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Well our chats have been even more fewer than normal since that night…Well your return messages anyway… I try to start up a conversation and you ignore me.So then i just end up sending how i feel about you and what i would like..I wrote to you last tuesday that it has been a week since you sat me on the truck and kissed me with passion and feeling and now you wont even talk to me… Why?? you replied i am… well i kind of want more chat than the odd occasional i ams..Yesterday i messaged and said i want to see you and was so shocked cause straight back at that was when….I said when are you free to meet and you said dont know… I said I miss you and then that was the end of the conversation so a little later i replied guess those feelings are only one way….. still waiting on a reply… Is it that they are only one way or is it that you want me to make the move and come to you….Trust me i want to… since this all stepped up a notch i cant show any affection to my husband… I cant kiss him or touch him or anything… and when he goes to touch me i cringe…I just want you sooo bad.. You truly dont understand what or how i feel about you…I messaged you earlier and said if you told me how you felt that that would make things easier…. What i think you feel is probably far from the truth but something tells me i am not wrong…Give you and me a go to become us..I know i could make you happy and i know you could make me happy…pls lets try…. I love you Daniel and dont want to lose anymore time… Just wish I knew how to walk out of my marriage and not be afraid of the hurt i am going to cause….Sometimes you just have to put yourself first…… MLD<3DMF forever love xx

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