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You want the truth? fine. i still like you, maybe even love you, but what do i know. even after an entire year. and i miss you, a lot. the answer is yes, i am heartbroken and completely devastated that youre going out with my “friend” now. that effing whorebag. everytime i see her youre all i think about and i cand believe you ended up with her. you knew she as my “friend” so why did you do it? why did you fall in love with her? i thought you at least cared about me tth slightest bit. I catch myself thinking about you all the time. even though we never talk anymore. i recently saw you. and for some reason i felt like a magnet. i couldnt stay away. i just miss your voice, your smile, your laugh. I miss the way you used to look in my eyes and call me pretty. Nobody has ever made me feel that way before even to this day. and i didnt end things with you because i didnt like you. i did it because of my own f***ing fears. i was scared. i wasnt ready. you were my first- and i knew i wouldnt be able to give you what you wanted. i didnt know what to do, so i ran away like a stupid naive baby. and i wish i had the balls to IM you, text you, or anything. but im still just a coward and i just keep wishing youd step up and do it instead, but thats just not the way life works. i know youre never ever ever going to read this, but i wish i could somehow tell you, which unfortunately will never happen. all i want is to be friends. that is all.

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