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Posted by on 2012/02/08 under Uncategorized

I am frustrated right now. I feel like my life is going on around me and I am on a ride that is going to fast for me to jump off. I had to quit my job due to health issues and although the health issue have not resolved i am finding myself feeling antsy. I want to do something but what I am not smart enough to go back to school. I can’t stand up or walk for 5mins. It seems like all I can do is sit here watching tv over and over again. I feel death will follow shortly. I am trying to write a short story but with little education fat chance I will be published or even finish it. God seems to be my only friend right now. I hate my life right now. I wish I could win or inherit a lot of money right now. I need a change of scenery. I am missing my old girlfriend and wishing I had a way to reach her. I wish I could change my life. I wish I had someone to rescue me.

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