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Posted by on 2012/02/08 under Uncategorized

For the past few years I hate everything that has to do with my life. I don’t love myself. I have a anger problem and I feel like I have a depression problem too. I could say everything change after I went to a boarding school for two years and when my grandpa die. I don’t want to have this life anymore. My mom is always complaining how my sisters and I don’t help her, it seems as if she’s never happy. I feel like I have disappoint my parents. I sometimes go to sleep crying and thinking of my grandpa, of how much I wish I could go with him. There’s so much things in my life I don’t like. Sometimes I do think of killing myself but then I think of the pain that I have to go through when I’m doing it and I don’t like pain. I feel like I’m trapped in a bubble, a bubble that won’t go so far. And as I have said always, I’m always going to walk alone. I don’t really have no one to talk to not even my sisters, they are so judgmental. I do wish I could have someone to talk to.

EVERYONE says that I have a anger problem so I just started believing it too. I get mad for everything, and I try to control it but I just can’t. And the worse thing is that when I get mad I say things that I do believe is true but I end up hurting someone, especially my mom.

I just hope my life gets better.

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