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Say “is something the matter?” i have a panick attack,
Say “Hey you wanna hang later?” i stare at you and claps to the ground screaming and crying… I Cant talk but i can type. i cant look at anyone without Tearing up and thinking ” Why cant you all see what i see?? Why cant you feel what i feel??” I Hate going to the hospital and sitting in that damn bed for hours because im depressed and you cant trust me around any objects. It isnt my fault you say? How isnt it my fault? i mad him upset, then i chased him because i was sorry, and a man grabbed him and shot him in the head, I knew that man… i told that man everything about my life when i was sitting in the park with him after school every day, how me and my brother would fight and he would win.What i ate that day, how i slept. HOW THE HELL ISNT IT MY FAULT IF HE KILLED MY BROTHER BECAUSE MY BROTHER DIDNT TREAT ME LIKE A SISTER BUT A DOLL!!! You always say “you didnt know him, or who he really was, im sure if you had you wouldnt have been near him, its ok.” Well it isnt ok, im stuck in the past because i pretty much killed my brother. Its All My Fault, I Diserve What That Man Got. I Deserve To Be Hung.

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