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I feel so bad for my mom. She wound up having two f***ed up kids.

One girl grew up having sex with everything that has a d***. Ended up having 2 kids, God knows who the fathers are. Yes, fathers; meaning more than one. She got a degree in the medical field and had a bad ass 8 to 5 job at a medical office only to sell pills illegally. She lost the right to work in the medical field after getting school for it! She wound up getting pregnant for a 3rd time, only to “lose it in a car crash”. In other words, she got an abortion and just didn’t want anyone knowing. Simply because she couldn’t afford to support a 3rd kid. Oh the irony.

Now, the other daughter went to the route of drugs. Constantly smoking marijuana, has experienced with excessesive amounts of cocaine, heroine, exctasy, molly, xanax, muscle relaxers, adderal, acid, mescaline, and shrooms. She had her first hit of marijuana at the age of 14. Her first line of coke at the age of 17. Dropped acid for the first time at 18. Heroine at 19. Does it seem to get worse as time goes by? Definitely. Is that gonna stop her? No. Not to mention, she’s been stealing daddy’s cigarettes since she was about 8 years old and has been smoking cigarettes ever since even 11 years later. Not only did she get addicted to drugs, but tattoos as well. Got her first one the day she turned 18. A year later? She’s got 5 now.

Also, the stripper has had more stds than the drug addict has had in different drugs.
Sure, the drug addict had an std but look; she got cheated on while in a relationship. So, she’s innocent there. The stripper on the other hand, was just a dumb ass. Spreading her legs to anything that would make her feel good.
The stripper has been revealed so everyone knows what she’s done, or at least I think so.
The drug addict hasn’t told a soul except for the fact that she smokes cigarettes and plans to keep it that way.

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