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Everyone is leaving me. My sister is in collage, my best friend is moving away and to top it all off my boyfriend dumped me. I have no one. My mom think sim a failure, i bet she would love to rade me in for someone who is smart and perfect. im not perfect at all. I am a failure, im nothing. i will never become a doctor like my sister. Im going to die alone. I cant handle this anymore. sometimes i just want to leave this earth. Everything will be so much better if i wasnt here. I need to be alone for awhile. i need to figure out who i am. Because right now, right now i have no idea who im looking at in the mirror. I see me, but then i see past it and all i see is sadness. I cant take it anymore. Iv been sad for a long time now. I just dont know what to do.

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  1. lisa says:

    I feel the same way a lot of the times. I was sitting her with a knife thinking why am I still alive? But one thing that stops me is GOD. He could not have put me on this earth for all this pain and then for me to end it. You are some one that some one looks up to. You may not know it. Someone, somewhere thinks you are the cat’s meow. You just have to find them and when you do keep them close to you. I always thought my mother loved me but as I look back at my life I realize it wasn’t my mother but the rest of my family that cared. Please listen to me… someone cares about you and thinks that you are worth every penny they have. Don’t worry about being like your sister. you are you. do you and do you well. Boyfriends come and go. I know that you may have loved your boyfriend but one thing I know right now is that you will find your soulmate if you just learn to do you well. This boyfriend may not have been your soulmate just someone that was trying to get what they want from you. a soulmate is someone that wants to give you love, understanding, loyality, time, patience, so that you will be able to return the same to them. They want what is best for you not what is best for them. A soulmate will help you find yourself by giving you the space you need without walking out the door!!!! I hope this helps you. YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON.. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY, YOU ARE LOVED…YOU WILL NOT DIE ALONE!!!!! Peace be with you.

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