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Posted by on 2012/02/05 under Uncategorized

It hurts my heart very much to see our world as it is. It hurts to know that in some places, the hardest decision is life or death, while my hardest decision is which restaurant to eat at. It hurts to know the gay people are so hated for who they find attractive. It hurts to know that of all the sins humans commit, we focus so much on “fags”. It hurts to know that we think homosexuals are certainly going to hell, but we tolerate abuse, adultery, murder, war. It hurts a lot to know that there are people who can hate you for the color of your skin, it hurts to know that some people think you don’t deserve to breath air, simply because of the pigmentation of their skin. It hurts to know that some people will read this and think I’m not a Christian, that I’m a tree hugged, that I’m siding with the gays, a “nigger lover”. Why am I all these things, and not just thinking the right way? Why do we all hate each other so much? It hurts to know that we have all these extreme polar opposite ideas. We all deserve life, none of us have the right to take it.

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