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Posted by on 2012/02/03 under Uncategorized

You know i realised a while back that i could never live my life the way i always dreamed it to be. i just wanted a simple life just get married have a couple of kids not work my ass off just get a job that the pay was average have a couple of close friends and just be happy its funny all i’v ever wanted was my if to be simple nothing else not to be famous or rich, just happy but after my parents found out about this it all kinda changed we moved back to iraq, i tried talking to my parents about it but they pretty much just said we dont give a f*** so rite know my life feels like its over. betrayed by your parents it really eats at you inside the way they can be happy and have no regard how you feel. Even tho i speak arabic i feel like i dont understand the iraqi ppl even tho we have the same religion i feel like we believe in too different gods.
i have just kind of give up all hope of going back home.

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