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i know im alot more fortunate than most but why do i always feel like my life is so horrible…. my parents wont let me do anything they are wayyy to protective! and guys are my worst problem guy 1 is the one guy i have wanted since 6th grade (im in 9th) guy 2 i have just recently met but i fell so fast like its not even funny… Guy 3 i like but were not talking…..guy 1 doesnt like me back and no matter how hard i try to let go it doesnt work… i started talking to guy2 to get over guy 1 which isnt working but now im really starting to like him but he basically cheated on me… guy 3 i like but we dont really talk…. ive been single for like a year and a half and im so lonley im 15 and ive never kissed a guy….. im so upset i want to cry but i have to stay strong so people dont ask me whats wrong

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    You’re a teenager its the teenage drama we all go through. It will only last a few years. Guys are asses anywho, just gotta live with it. Trust me not finding love right now isn’t a big deal you’re young.

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