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You expect me to tell the truth? okay…
Hi mum! yeah i go out every night to get high and pissed because i can’t bare being in the same room as you. I work as much as i can bare and it’s still not good enough for you. I hide my arms from you in fear that you will find my secret. I wrote letters when i was fed up with life and even considered giving my life to someone else.I haven’t chucked them away yet. They lie in an envelope in my room. I freak out when ever you go in there because you may find them.Most of the time i carry them with me when i go out.
I hope life gets better because i do not want to live in fear anymore. I want you to notice the sadness in my eyes, to understand me. I don’t want to tell you! you have to find out! you need to help me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    im pretty much in the same situation except with my dad i feel you on that i havent been sober in like 6 months. im scared to. i have the scars and like i know what its like to be alone. everything will even out eventually. just give it time.

  2. That girl who isnt me says:

    I do the same things, but its because i cant bare to look into anyones eyes, i never have been the type to ask for help, i actually went into a depression so rare and terrible that i was the walking dead, no heart to follow, no hope or fear anymore, all that just got up and left after seeing my friends and family walk into my life and then walk out like nothing. The walking dead, alot of the time i just want to be The Dead instead, My mom told me i looked sacrey when i was like that, no life in my eyes, no life period i guess, i could only walk and had be forced to eat, but i heard a voice in the background one day, and what that person said brought me back, Now im just a 13 year old who goes to a meeting 3 times a week to talk to others, so we can all understand each other. i know i didnt give you advise, but i hope you take my comment as another point to veiw at maybe.

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