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Well after nearly 5 yrs we finally had our moment….. Not at all how i had planned imagined or wanted…..I picked you up and we went to a secluded spot… It was verging on dark but it is lit with flood lights but still private…we walked down the steep path to the bridge and crossed it…. you made the bridge swing and i nearly crapped myself… I told you I dont do rocks water or swinging bridges but you insisted on swinging it…. lol…. I felt like I was 21 again with you… I felt free alive and in love…we kissed cuddled held hands and had fun….It was amazing….we chatted but you tried avoiding the confronting things i had to say… why cause I know you do feel lots for me… Your major problem is my marriage….I can understand that but that is my problem not yours…I dont want it to be your problem…..things progressed and got heated and before i knew it we were going to the point of no return….. we licked sucked and then farked…. Omg you felt sooo good…. you had me moaning like a biatch but it just felt so right….but then things went so wrong… you pulled out and there you were with blood on your member…. omg I had my period and didnt know….Fark fark fark…. if the ground could have opened up and swallowed me i would have been grateful…. I apologized profusely i was sooo embarrassed but you were like its all ok it doesnt matter…. While i was quietly dying inside….things started again you wanted to go back there but i wasnt keen i was still too embarrassed so we just changed tactics….it truly was what i wanted and had so for sooo long but if only all the circumstances were different… I dont know if we will ever get this chance again…. I am hoping so…. I felt sick to my stomach the whole time we were together until i dropped you off. You said you would let me know if you were free at around 5 the next day but hey lets wait and see if you do…I had the worse nights sleep guilt disgust upset all my emotions pouring out at once….i messaged you this morning apologizing for the “mess” you replied all good….. it was a relief that you returned the message but lets wait and see too if that means any more than that…. OMG i am so confused …….

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