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A strange life where there is no exit….
And I want someone to read it..A 24 year old women who is married somewhere in an orthodox part of india..She married to a person whom she had never met before..but yes,,there was a long time duration between her marriage and engagement..It gave them enough time to know each other..She waited for his call every night..She was an innocent very much loving and caring girl..and she never loved anyone before him just because she want to give her whole love to the one whom she marries..She considered him as her half soul..she has never talked to any guy so seriously before she met him..she dreamed of her marriage event each and every day…she dreamed about the life they will spent after their marriage..and the day arrived…as usual the guy gave her a sweet pleasant welcome to his life and to his family..But she realized very late that something is missing..what??She could’nt find it out..moving on..he put the wedding ring on her…Their life started..But he left within days after marriage..Day went ,months passed but still something was missing..She found her life to be meaningless..She thought about getting into a job..She is well educated,but the marriage made her like it kept so many limitations to her..she felt like she is missing the most beautiful moments of her life..In this world where there is difficult to find a true love ,,she was ready to give him..but it’s not something that can be artificially made,it should come out from their minds…Whenever he calls her,she tried to become close to him,,but he goes on with his formal speech..(contd..)

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