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back to life again, none. thought maybe after almost 30 years of marriage it would be our time to enjoy each others company but not so. i do everything i can for him, the kids do everything they can and never complain. still he is a grump from hell just about every day. he has everything a man could possibly want. he has me the kids all on their own. he has a girlfriend which i work around the best i can. we don’t have riches as far as money but i always thought and believed eventually he wouldn’t need her. he always complains and wishes she would leave. he says all she is to him is a piece of—. i’m going thru menopause and sex just doesn’t interest me. i have no drive nut i love my husband with all my heart. he’s not able to have sex that much himself, he’s always in pain with gout and arthritis, back pains, knees, and neck. trust me these pains are real. dr and xray proven. i think he’s afraid to be alone but i feel like i am alone. he shares his time one night with me one night with her. but i still feel alone. i won’t leave him because i know in my heart she won’t take care of him. she is a sleeper. sometimes i wish i could go to sleep and never wake up………… life i guess

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