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Everyday I’m hurting myself and my relationship. Constant thoughts that play in my head. Constant accusations I throw at him… NOT GOOD ENOUGH. NOT PRETTY ENOUGH. TOO FAT. NOT SMART ENOUGH. THE SEX ISN’T GOOD OR OFTEN ENOUGH. BREASTS NOT BIG ENOUGH. FACE NOT PRETTY ENOUGH. He constantly has to find ways to feel better about himself.. posting to Hot or Not. Virtual Sex, 3D… who does that? He used to say he loved me, loved every moment with me, loved the way I made him feel, loved the things I did to him physically. Anyone who has a daighter out there, a little girl.. instill in her the confidence that she needs to get through everyday media, thoughts, images, doubts. Make her strong enough to sand on her own. Make her wise enough to know that she is beautiful. She is more than enough. She is your entire world, and should be treated like that. Pouring your heart into someone doesn’t always guarantee it will be reciprocated. I found the man I want to be with, our incompatibilities are endless…

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    Ive failed our love

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