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Trust life.
That’s my new believe. It’s been said a thousand times that things always happen for a reason, but the hard part is wanting to know what that reason is. I now think that all there’s left to do is trust life, as simple and as hard as that. Doubts and fears can consume our souls and minds, they are powerful, and faith and hope are such fragile things that can be destroy within a second by a single word or by a single thought. It’s difficult to take that leap of pure faith: difficult but yet necessary, otherwise we will be damned to an existence full of anxiety and regret. If we want to archive real happiness we have to believe that every single moment of our lives has a propose, whether it was good or it was bad,it all has a reason at the end, all we have to do is faithfully and patiently wait for life to show it to us.
Sometimes we ask for things, we desire so much but we are aware of so little. Not always our
biggest wishes are our biggest needs. It is not easy for us to accept that what we want is not what we require, or that what we have is better than what we lack and pursuit. The main cause of unhappiness is that we are not able to see the good things we own and the good things we get, because we are blinded with the ones we don’t.

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  1. Leslie Green says:

    Of course I like your message – my entire blog is dedicated to Trusting Life.

    Thank you for sharing. I love reading someone else who understands this.

    ~ Leslie Green
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