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Posted by on 2011/03/27 under Uncategorized

I’m giving it 100%, the very best I can and if you’re reading this then you’ve probably gone through the exam same process. Trying over and over again and thinking oh wait no hold on that’s my fault, THEY have things on their plate. Why can’t I be one of those people with too much s*** piled on my plate? It’s there, rotten horrible ghastly s*** that just seems to keep piling instead of lessening. “Problem shared is problem halved” well..kind of not really. Burdens don’t just go because you’ve let someone else know your secret, call me a paranoid b**** but they’ll probably tell at least three other people in hopes they’ll get some kind of ‘solution’. Solution…that’s what they think it is but it isn’t and I know it’s not. A bit deluded? Maybe. They all say I just need to try and give these ‘solutions’ a go, that I’m too stubborn. Something else that got to me, a close family member shocked me by telling me it’s just a state of mind to overcome. Basically: get over it yourself. I was just getting to the point in my life when I realised I needed PROFESSIONAL help..and she tells me to get over it? Not nice at all. Hypocrites. But humans equate them so why do we still get so het up over them? Lord knows I know my faults but sometimes, and we all have done it, sometimes we just blame ourselves whole-heartedly and know we shouldn’t. Those of us who knew we shouldn’t and acted on it – I believe – are now so confident they don’t need us anymore. Such is life I guess, while the rest of us struggle on being who we are and being cheated of so much…

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