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I feel like giving up on love forever. Everyime I fall in love with someone new, it turns out they are still in love with one of their ex’s. I wonder to myself , have i ever been in love? And it turns out i havent. All of the bfs ive had in my past have been complete jerks… I dont feel beautiful . All of the people i know have fallen in love and everything and i still havent had my first real kiss. People always tell me im “beautiful” and “pretty” and all that stuff , but if i really am then why havent i found anyone ? Why havent i learned what love is? Is it that im not prepared for it yet ? Im 15 about to be 16 i think i am prepared. :/ why i just want to knoe …. Why? 🙁

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i know it’s a cliche, but you are still young. though you maybe ready, it may not be the time. for sure you have an idea of what love is, all those experiences and decisions you make help you understand further what love is and what love can be. that makes the yearning all more fruitful.
    i have passed many years but that doesnt constitute me to say i know about love. i have an idea of it and am sure that it will to be part of what you have in the future =)

  2. Mia says:

    I do agree with them on this one. It’s a cliche but it’s so true. You’re still young, you have time. It’s hard yes. I’m trying to tell myself the same exact thing. I still have time or at least I hope I do. And Yes, I’m sure you are gorgeously beautiful but remember, looks are only on the outside. You want someone that will love you uncondtionly, because lets face it, we all age, our pretty skin won’t be so pretty 40 years from now. I had a professor she mentioned something. SHe said that yeah when you say that looks don’t matter to you, she laughed. She said yeah they do. But what matters more is whats on the inside. Because that won’t change very much in 40 years. You’ll still be the same person probably a little wiser but unlike looks, our hearts don’t change all that much. So relax and concentrate on school. you never know you could me a really cute guy at college.

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