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Posted by on 2012/01/15 under Uncategorized

its so hard to be happy… How can I be happy when everyone forgets about me. When I’m talking people talk over me. Or they don’t even remember telling me things or doing something with me. Am I that forgettable? Am I that invisible that no one knows me? No one sees me sad, depressed or lonely? How did my life get to this. How did I go from confident, friendly and outgoing to self-conscious, lonely, and silent. Who am I? I want the old me back. I want friends I want family I want just someone who cares and treats me just the way I treat them. I’m loyal, I’m always there and I give! No one has yet to see the things I do. I’m tired of being a doormat. Of sitting inside in my room every night by myself. I’m tired of being used. I want real friends I want a real boyfriend and most of all I want to love myself again. Maybe one day I will figure out how to do that again….

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