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I am 17 years old I move alot I kinda have hard time adjusting because when I do I move tri cites is where I live big possibility I am moving to Spokane I went down to vist like every I don’t know what to think my girlfriends freaking out she thinks she’s pregnant me being like alot of teenagers had sex with out safety girlfriend said she was taking birth controll I believed her next thing I know she tells me she for got I am not the only guy out there happens alot sometimes it’s best to be safe even if it feels better without and if you were like me you should have just said no even though you had no condoms it’s better to be the guy or girl that got none instead have got a baby she taking her test soon she is hasn’t had her period in a couple weeks she scared I am stressed but being cool about it because this has happen 3 times girls lie 1st thing my mom ever told me about women my moms been telling me that since I was in diapers so do men but live with or with out them be smart I mean I think I’d learn but livings learning and learning living sometimes the human mind uses that as an excuse to be overly living it but we live some how you live life how you veiw smell taste feel and react to it I’ve messed up alot and I keep messing up but all there is to say is got keep on looking up I mean that’s so little compared to what other people face every day my little problem dosent compare to kids in Africa earth quakes war and destruction all over the world not even to the people with worse life I may have no friends here might have a pregnant girlfriend am so poor don’t have a job struggling with anexity and depression cause me to struggling with people and school but looking up is something we all need to do even when you dealing with the absolute worse I have a best friend who has lived a life that make you cry if I talked about it but always looking up I believe in god that’s where my heart lays yeah I sin I mess up but I love every one I know and they love me look up even if you don’t believe you might be surprised what you do see as I know it is true some may say didn’t you start off saying you had a girlfriend that might be pregnant well yeah haha but hey no ones perfect especial when mess up but I can admit and all repent ask for forgiveness and not be so foolish I won’t do it again an I hope my girls not pregnant always look up love and forgive any thing you done wrong admit to it then your more likly not going to do it saying its good so is feeling it but admitting it even writing it to some one or even your self is more likly for you to learn something it won’t always work the first time but keep doing and see what happens and focus on not and you will peace to all who love or hate life is short
Life is crazy lots of ups and downs but that makes life more like what is intend to us by are own understanding witch is living in an experience only to grasp the little things we understand to learn and live and make mistakes and do what’s right to learn and live nothing on this earth is anything in witch what I believe is a true mean of knowledge god

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