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why do people hate goths we love music.we breath,have ears,and tow eyes isnt that being human.just cause we weare black does not mean anything just like to stand out and be our selves whats wrong with that.a friend of mine asked me and class and i said i dont know. i guess they dont like people who stand out and be them selvs insted of sad cuz peapol talk about them all the time and hate us cause we stay out of it….i still dont understand……

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  1. Anonymous says:

    sometimes goths look a little intimidating and difficult to approach. you can be great but one can never tell

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do not change yourself for other people. If this Goth thing makes you happy, stick with it! You will find your group of people that accept you for who you are. But always be yourself. Just promise me that.

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