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Alec Chapa,
Foolish Immunity
Like all things, we must not accept truths as truth until we personally understand why it is the truth. This is accomplished by challenging what people call the truth. Ask questions! If it’s really the truth it will withstand any question without breaking a sweat, but if it’s a lie, or just wrong it won’t hold up so well. Many great thinkers have philosophized about morals, ethics, government, life itself etc. They have many different views and some just can’t be solidified into just one view, because it is perspective. However, there are things are just a matter of discovering the truth, and this of course is not without risk. Thinkers could have gone wrong somewhere in the many words they have spoken, after we are human, we are fallible. This is why it is so important to simply ask Why? How? etc. It serves as a fool proof system if every generation tests it, finding potential errors and also extending definitions further than what they already have been. This principle applies to more than just philosophies, it applies to life such as people, and authority. If we meet someone new for the first time, we do not know how they are. Are they sincere with integrity or devious and deceptive? We don’t know so we cannot assume, we must stick to the principle. Ask question and use logic! When it comes to authority, we must not submit blindly to it, ask questions! You’ve got the right! Once upon a time, an officer stopped me for no good reason. I was doing nothing and had nothing illegal so I didn’t run or anything foolish like that. He then asked me to sit, and I demanded an answer, ” Sir, with all due respect I see no reason to do so. Why do you ask me to sit?” He replied with “Just sit down!” I didn’t understand and therefore stove my ground until he gave me clarity to his reasoning. He said “Look, most people like to run off on my, and I don’t know you so I can’t assume you won’t do that, so I ask of you to sit hindering your ability to dart away!” His reply made perfect sense, and I would do the same, so I sat. After a search, he released me. There was nothing wrong with what either of us did, but he could have asked me to do something else, and I probably wouldn’t know why, so what if it were something against my rights? Yes, he didn’t do anything wrong be he could, and because I don’t know him, I have to take appropriate precautions which is not assume, simply ask! And that is what I did. So you see this principle will help protect, secure and advance us humans. Protect us from abuse by forces such as authority which in many great mens eyes should not be trusted. Secure us by avoiding and deviance and deception with questions providing clarity and also secure things such as philosophies by rechecking their truthfulness. Advance us by taking things further but still retaining wisdom such as adding to philosophies and extending them. This principle will help prevent unnecessary things supporting lazy habits of humans such as the remote. Why? Why do we need it? Tell me because I do not know, and if you created it, you must know!
Just another method of thought which I live with, aiding me ever so deeply, ever so reliably.

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