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My birthday is Jan 9th and ill turn 13,
And what i want, out of anything, is to either die or be a bubbley person like on every anime show, sure i know ill never be perfect even if i was bubbley but at least i wouldnt be so depressed, i hate being in my room and crying all the damn time, so i go out side back into our trails where the trees are and i kick and punch at them and cry, its the only thing i can do really, i have seen and been through what nobody deserves to see or go through, And after that my birthday wish is to let me die from a sickness, because ithink after you die, thats when your dreams come true, not anything that you can have when your alive, like a whole new world is what i mean, so for that, to not be afraid of life anymore, i wish to die on my birthday, January 9th the day Ally Na ages for the last time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, 13 is a hard age to go through for everyone.(Even harder for people who like anime,) but when you get to the age of 15, and go to high school, it will get a lot better. Plus, you like anime? Me too! Hugs* if you go to an anime convention you will see anime lovers just like you. Then you won’t feel so alone I promise. <3 (I know that this is a late response and you probably gave up on this a long time ago but just in case if you do see it I will send you this to make you feel better. Oh and happy late late birthday.)

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