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Why is he so Jelous of my old friends, his twin brother says its because they only needed each other and had no one else till i came along and made a “Scene they just couldnt resist joining in on.” But is fighting really them? I just think I stood out to him honestly, and his brother just had to, we always get into trouble and its so much fun. Feels like a story of some sort, every time i see an old friend it reminds me of that time when i was shopping and him and his brother wanted to help with the bags, and a ran into an old boyfriend. I talked to my ex and caught up, and then He had a fit infront of everyone saying “You dont need them, you have us. Arewnt we good enough.” and thats when i realized his feelings and my own feelings, i act normal every day, but i really have changed since then… but i dont think it be a great idea to tell him since my other new friends would probobly eat me alive, GOD i just love my dumb ass stupid crazy best friends, the only thing is most of ’em are guys and perverts, not a lucky future.
With love,
Cece Suicide

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