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I felt like an experiment, you know, like a test rat, Everyone is testing me to see how far i can go with being depressed. Seriously, who would want to have their Best friends, their home, All the things they care about taken away all for nothing. Two friends commited sucide, A Neighbor going to far into hatred they burn your house down at 2:30 in the morning JUST to make sure you dont live to tell the story, Gladly my step dad was at work, then there is the move, the new school, Finally you feel your life has gone somewhere after the fire, your two friends looking down on you smiling, But those neighbors wont give up, so you end up moving again where they wont find you, and your stuck somewhere you dont want to be, And you get sick, but nobody cares… And you pull through without a congrats for the strength you used to fight what almost took your life, My depression for you. I went into a state were i didnt know who anyone was, not my Mother… i wasnt even living, i was what the doctor said “the real walking dead” i had no heart, i left all that behind after i lost the only thing that gave me sanaity, My cat. I was done until i saw my two friends waiting for me, my cat beside me… i thought i died, but they said ” Your given a life to live to the fullest, and you havent even lived 12 years yet, your stronger then this so try my advise, give life a second chance.” And it was like a dream, the whole being depressed thing, because i remember waking up and looking at my mom starring at me crying telling me how proud she was to have a daughter that went through a sickness and then depression and being the walking dead, And she was glad to have me back. and in 2 days, ill finally have lived for my 13th year, and transformed myself from a zombie, to an athletic girl who has a life again, but will never make an exeption on people giving me sympathy ever again.

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