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Posted by on 2010/10/31 under Uncategorized

I’m sick and tired of being the odd one out. Everyone I ever get close to ends up either using me, or just not caring at all. This year I met a guy and he is completely understanding and I love him like a brother. The problem is, is that I don’t want to bother him with whats hurting me inside. And all he ever seems to care about lately is my former best friend. It kills me inside that most of our conversations now consist of her. It makes me wish you two had never even met. It also makes the chances of you and I getting closer even slimmer. The day of the Homecoming game, I cut myself. You noticed and I told you I scratched myself stringing my guitar. I could tell you knew I was lying, but what did you do? You turned away and started flirting with our other friends. And it hurts even more that a guy I just met gave me a comforting and told me I was and awesome person while you just waved my goodbye and said to tell my friend you say hi. Could you PLEASE just shut the hell up about her? If you f***ing want to ask her out, do it and don’t drag your love for her out on me. I want the real you back. Not this love struck puppy. I want to hear you talk about boy things again. I miss when you would call out innuendos all the time. Please. I miss you.

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