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you’re incredibly rude and disrespectful……..i understand you like me and you’ve told me… MULTIPLE TIMES…and i understand you like me and im sorry i actually reply to your texts and am nice to you. im sorry if thats leading you on?… sorry i ever replied to your first text to me. and yeah this is sounding all so dramatic but you’ve just become an a****** in a matter of 1..2…3.4…5.. yeah 5 days. great. it was your birthday saturday…friday..whatever same thing and i chose to hangout with you..when i could’ve just stayed home or at my grandmas house (because it was her birthday) and not rush my parents to quickly drive back home. i mean, that’s incredibly rude of me isn’t it? …wow, i must be a piece of s***…it was my grandmother’s birthday and i left her house early to see you? …you’re soooo unaware of how nice i am to you that you take it for granted. Dont get me wrong, i get it..i get why you’d be upset because i don’t like you back but think of the bigger picture and what i do for you. Normally, if a girl doesn’t like you, she won’t give you the time of day…she’ll ignore all of your messages and pretend you don’t exist. Gosh youuuu are so ridiculous. oh and then we’re going to go and tweet about me? and constantly subtweet me? ……we’re mature. we are so mature. Listen IM SORRY ..IM SORRY that i didn’t kiss you on your birthday…. what am i a fcking whore that you rent and oh i’ll kiss you just because it’s your birthday? um no. incorrect. i’m not a rent-a – stripper and i will not perform for you on your birthday. you’re just soooooo disrespectful and i wish i can tell you this all to your face. but i wont, because it’ll be my fault. Anyways, going back to you thinking i would just kiss you…lol so i didn’t …you and i both know that. BUT BUT BUT lmao you TELL YOUR FRIENDS WE KISSED? and okay i know i sound soooo retarded and elementary school level.. cause a kiss is a kiss.. i mean that doesn’t mean anything to anyone in this day and age but why did you lie like that? why would you lie about something so simple? are you cool now? are you cool because i “kissed” you? did you “bag” me? did you “hit that” ? …the sad thing… is.. is that you probably said all of those things. That to me…. that just hurts. I hate when i’m not taken seriously…and i understand how at first i might look a little crazy because of the people i hangout with or how much i party but you KNEW me. you KNEW how i hated s*** like that.. and you KNEW i didnt like you and you KNEW i hated being treated like any random girl.. and for you to get mad at me for not kissing you? and then saying to everyone that we did? GTFO HERE. you’re nonsense. don’t expect me to talk to you for awhile… if that. take me seriously and i’ll take you seriously. as for now, i’ll be every other girl and ignore you. bye.

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