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we were besttt friends. & then it happened, we kisssed. i realized at that moment, that i had really liked you actually loved you. i never thought it would be you. you would let me hold you and kisss you some more. i thought that meant you liked me back. we didnt talk for awhile & i thought deng it should have never happened. i still loved you it wouldnt go away. i would always question myself, then why did you kisss me back? we started talking again and valentines day came. i spent it with you<3 my ex bf was trying to get back with meee, but you were all i wanted. (i guesss you could say im bi, but she was the only girrrl i ever looked at or seeen in that way).anyways it was the most amazing day of my lifeee! you let me cuddle & kisss you. i was still puzzled. but then later few months had passsed & i finally got the courage to seee if you wanted to be my gf, you said no. i was heartbroken, literally. i had tears down my face and had th biggest pain in my chest. i felt a big whole. AGAIN we didnt talk, but i couldnt get you outta my mind. the days when i was home by myself i would think about you and jusr cry, cause i just wish so bad that you loved me how i love you. NOW were talking again, im trying my hardest to keep this on a friend basis. I wanna keeep you in my life forever so id rather keep you as a friend than lose you forever. we are starting to hangout and be close again. my feelings are coming back. im misssing you like crazy, you have no idea how much i do. i want it all to just GO AWAY. im tired of caring tooo much, i do alot of s*** for you hoping one day youll see me that way but i dont. will this cycle never end?

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