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Im 16 now when i was 14 my still drug using mother and her boyfriend who beats her lost my 6 year old sister 3 year old an 1 year old to the govt, i luxkily lived wit my grandmother wen my sisters were taken, my mother has finally seperated from him and is living wit me n my granma after being kicked from rehab 4 times and its the only chance of getting my sisters back but she clearly cant care. Everyday this thing (mother) is screaming in the streets or threatening to killherself or hitting the walls while still drugged or occasionally drunk, i am done with her now i ignore her existance she tries to ask for love from me but i just stare now trying to hold back tears of hatred and anxiety i hate this person now and wish she would be dead why cant she leave why wont she get my family back i need her gone i need to vent dont feel bad if you read this worse things can happen to others

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  1. chloe says:

    i have similer life but a bit worse my mother does drugs and get drunk every day i dont know my real dad and my step like to get crawl int bed with me ever night and no one believes me not relitves cops anyone but i know live with my grandmother and i am still not happy because she is skitzo so i am 14 and have tried to kill my self 4 times have not worked and i know what you are going through say it to her up front say i dont love u and u need to leave u made ur life like this and u will never have a relashosp with me

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