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Posted by on 2011/12/26 under Uncategorized

Mum Died! She’s gone! This Christmas is my first without her! My entire family just blew apart.. Not a card, not a call, not anything.. Just silence! Cold indifferent silence! To hell with all of you who shame dump on me! My Sisters, My Aunts, My Uncles, My Cousins…not one call from any of you! You bastards! You never f***ing cared about my Mum when she was being eaten away by cancer.. You all said because I didnt have children it was my duty and responsibility to care for her in her last days on this earth! I did it because I f***ing love her.. No other reason! When she died the shame you all felt for being indifferent towards her and me has eaten you all up! F*** YOU FAMILY! My happiness is not dependant on what you do or do not do! You all lack compassion! I wish I could scream at all of you! I AM NOT YOUR SCAPEGOAT ANYMORE! I WILL NOT PLAY THAT ROLE EVER AGAIN!

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