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I have this problem, but i don’t know what to think. I have a best friend & she understands me like no other. I don’t think i could ever live without her. But theres this guy we both dated about a year ago. We both promised we’d never go back out with him. He wanted another chance with me and i truely liked him still so much he made me so happy but i would never hurt my friend so i told him we can only be friends. We saw kung fu panda 2 and he wanted to kiss me but i told him no because of my friend. I wanted so bad he made me smile everytime i thought of him or looked at him. and he smelled so good ! But i still said no. It was i think early december and she told me she had a secret she never told and it took her so long to tell me that in october a couple weeks before my birthday & halloween him and her had sex ! she worned me it was about him, but i wanted to no and i thought it wasn’t that bad. when she told me i said thats funny and that was a good way to get back at his b****y ex, but now that i think about it i want to cry my eyes out. i can’t believe im her friend. but i still hang out with her all the time and act like everythings fine when its not ! I can’t stand it i cry my self to sleep all the time. Im just happy i found a place to express all my feelings ! Now i really wish i would have kissed him !

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a bestfriend. his name is ben. 2 years ago we both liked a girl named haylee. I put away my feelings for her so he could be with her. it was great.. but i never truly go past her. one day i kissed her, we kissed, we loved it. but it was wrong. it broke ben’s heart. I still cry about it to this day sometimes even though he forgave me and is now in love with another girl but i cant forgive myself. Tell your friend how you feel she cannot get mad because you tell her the truth and especially since you didnt kiss him at the movies. it is the only way you and her can be okay again. ben and i are great again but i still feel bad. i mean i moved past it but it happened and that’s why i can’t move passed it because i cant forget it.
    Here I write about how i changed from being deeply depressed to being happy sometimes, and content almost all the time.. it was a big change for me.

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