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Write your thoughts/feelings here…is it wrong to want to be with the person who you so madly love even if you know they are not good for you.
who said love was always suppose to be a good thing. see the way i look at it is if you truely love someone you must love all of them. that means all the good the bad and nice and not so nice things that make that person who they are. you love them so much that although you are aware of that persons flaws you move past it because no matter what life throws your way you know that he is the one you want standing next to you at the end

3 thoughts on “24-12-11(6:22:24)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love is never wrong. Follow this passion. You can’t go wrong when you are just true to yourself and those feelings of LOVE inside!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here I write about how i changed from being deeply depressed to being happy sometimes, and content almost all the time.. it was a big change for me.

  3. darkangel says:

    if love was as easily as it described in books that the one thing i will be bad at is “moving on”

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