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Posted by on 2010/10/29 under Uncategorized

I feel…
so what help will it do writing it on here?
i mean no ones gonna fix the problem because you see i am the problem.
I “have” a best friend, we used to be really close, now not so more but i have no idea what i have done.
i always feel like she is trying to make me jealous, you know facebook? yeah main cause of my heartache.
Well we plain things all the time going on holiday together just saw her status. ripped my heart out. I try and think of the cause of the problem, she is trying to become this popular “model” girl and i have no idea what to do/say to her to make it better. anytime i mention it she ignores me or doesnt want to speak.
I love her SO much i almost HATE her.
i dont want to lose her but thats seemed to already have started.
sometimes i just wanna burst into tears and not give a s*** about my life i feel so lonely and as though i have no one, i useed to have her but not anymore.

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