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Write your thoughts/feelings here…i have the wait of the world on my shoulders. on one hand i have my family that i have to support. my mom two brothers a sister and her baby. my sister had a baby while she was in jail and although she is not in jail anymore she is still in a halfway house. so my mom is taking care of her baby since she cant. well i mean i am paying for it but she takes care of him. none of them will work. they expect for me to pay all the bills for them and make sure that they have food. here is the sad thing is i dont even live with them. on the other hand i have my husband. i love him very much but because of my family it has put a lot of strain on our marriage. i have tries to tell my family that they were going to have to figure out there own s*** because it was going to end up making me lose the man that i love but they dont seem to care. i sometimes think that if i just left my husband it would solve all of my problems. i wouldnt have money for them to want and i wouldnt have to get it from him.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No, your husband loves you! Do not break that love between two people it’s so beautiful! Someone who is there for you even through this!! Please, if I was that man I would die because it seems like he is trying very hard too :c
    You need to do what is right for you and sometimes you can’t save the world and it’s nice to try but it is a joint effort, you can’t carry they so let them hit reality and work! Don’t let someone like that tear apart love!

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