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Posted by on 2011/12/23 under Uncategorized

How do I feel? Scared, anxious, angry, sad, and just about every emotion we humans experience. Why? I know what indifference does. Indifference lacks love, concern, compassion, and all those wondrous emotions that keep people connected. I question that old saying,” Blood is thicker than water” when it comes to family. I do not think that is always the case, especially in my family. Not all hope is dashed.. My heart is not two sizes too small, like so many out there! I suppose that is why I hurt so bad right now. The basis of it all.. The love I have for ” Family ” and how it’s rarely if ever returned. It is a hard pill to swallow having to accept the fact and reality that you are not loved, that I am not loved by those who are supposed to care. The more I embrace this fact the easier it is on my mind and heart. The more I understand how important it is to embrace those that do love me, and more importantly I am learning to love myself. To # 2968 Even a flower grows in the harshest of environments. Be the flower, and never let others dictate your happiness! I’m making that choice to be a flower down here in life.

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