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alec chapa,
Insanity, Most people believe a perspective different from their own is something else… they think it’s crazy! This is because most people have the same mind set, this mind set is commonly reffered to as sanity, or being normal. If it’s not sane, then it must be INSANE! I believe insanity is just another way of life, another method of thought and action. It has different gifts and different flaws than the way of life many people live by (sanity). I think the gift it brings (or at least could bring) is unsurpassed creativity, because people of insanity see the world in a different way. The flaw is things like paranoia, generally being a little “off” or “strange” and things of that nature. However, as previously stated, I believe it is just another way of life. When dealing with ways of life, one can be simple with little positives and little negatives… but how fun would that be, I mean it is what makes life.. life, correct? One can be average which I to me means having medium positive with medium negative (normal ups and downs in life). Now when I say positive I mean things like Ipods, going out to eat etc. and the negative is working to make the money to afford those luxuries. A simpleton would not have the luxuries of that way of life, but he/she also wouldn’t have the work it brings either. You see each is balanced. This relates to insanity because I believe insanity is just an extreme life style. One can be, to put it simply, simple, average or extreme. Insanity as a life style has great flaws with great rewards, and if you ask me, the greatest reward is of sacrifice. If you’re getting a great reward, then you must be sacrificing something great, or suffering great flaw/pain to balance it correct? This, to me, matches the definition of insanity. Let’s take a look at another example… John Nash. This man was a genius, and was awarding many prizes such as the Nobel memorial prize in economics science, the Leroy P. Steele Prize and a few more representatives of great achievement… of greatness. This greatness came with a great cost; Nash was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Nash was basically an insane genius. Sometimes that’s what it takes to reach greatness like that. Mr. Einstein was also a genius and won many awards representing great achievement as well as greatness in one aspect. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics, the Time Person of the Century award and a few more. However this man was not a schizophrenic, or anything else of that nature. One does not need to be insane to reach such greatness. Einstein said himself “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” showing that he did not have anything special, at least to himself. To me, he had unsurpassed patience as well as curiosity. I believe that he was gifted but perhaps not in the way that we all think. Maybe it wasn’t his raw genius that came up with relativity theory maybe it was his patience. Maybe when a human mind ponders such things long enough it will come up with a testable answer, which in Einstein’s case was relativity theory. Yet again the idea of an extremity shows up. Just as Nash had the extremity style of insanity, Einstein had the extremity style of patience. It wasn’t the raw genius of these men, or at least not just the raw genius. These men had two different careers. Nash was a mathematician while Einstein was a physicist… just two different perspectives, two different methods of understanding all there is to be understood. This is the way of a successful future world. We will never end differences by killing each other in war, and as H. G. Wells put it “If we don’t end war, war will end us.” So you see that is at least 2 reasons why war, which represents the oppresion of differences, is simply ignorant, brute, and uncivil. Rather than being rational and honorable men, we fight like the way we did 100, 1000, 2000 years ago. Why have we not learned that a war will solve nothing? Of course most people don’t go to war because someone is different we still give looks and talk ratyher negatively about them. War is an extremity of the same nature, negativity towards differences. We should honor and cherish differences. For this concept is what will allow us, not as a specific race, culture or any junk like that, but as a species to more closely understand the world, the universe and everything else to be understood. Once again I refer to the tower analogy. How can we see the whole picture with only one perspective? (Keep in mind when I say perspective I mean that each perspective is like a person standing somewhere that is unable to move around the tower) If we keep fighting each other, racing against who will see the whole picture first, we should work together as a species. It’s the same with all kinds of differences. Cultures, music, race, interests etc. should all be united. Do you think the pilgrims came to America and murdered the Indians (they did just not right away) because they farmed different? No, they learned from them. Everyone has something to share, whether it is knowledge, wisdom, laughter or whatever! Do you think Science can function without mathematics or English?! I can go on and on, but need I say more? Do I really need to say more for people to understand? Can’t you feel it in your heart that it’s wrong to treat people different because of differences? No, it’s just ignorance. If we are truly mighty we should at least be smart enough to have unity and realize that we cannot get to the stars and beyond if we cannot get past petty problems that we create amongst ourselves. Whether one is insane, african america, tall, short, whatever.. we are all in the same struggle. There is no such thing as normal so everyone is weird, everyone is different. AS stated before these differences need to be honored rather than hindered because it is just right. It is how we will advance as a whole onto bigger better things such as understanding.
“The surest way to corrupt youth is to instruct him to hold to less esteem those who think alike rather than those who think differently.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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