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Some people say i’m pretty but i believe it’s bulls***, but sometimes i do feel pretty. maybe not physically but internally. i love nature and everything. nowadays people don’t realize true able to feel better they cut themselfes,hurt other people,and not think anything but themselfes.its so sad to see the world the past i believe everything was more happier, with less technology and stuff. iv’e seen old letters and they have alot of sentimential value. it all changed when they invented the phone. people look at me as being perfect, smart,and pretty but they really have no idea on how i’m struggling on my appearance and myselfe. over the years iv’e lost my confidence and well i don’t talk much. sometimes i feel like sharing my real self to people but its too hard… i dont know what to say. i know i shouln’t listen what other people say but it gets harder everyday.evrynight i pray to jesus to please help me and trust me he has helped me on some occasions.there will be times in class that i’ll be hoping on something and like 10 seconds later it will happen. iv’e always had faith, everyday i don’t think about the bad things but of the good things and that’s how i get stuff right in my life, thinking positive.i dont know whats going on, maybe its the fact that iv’e hit puberty. at the moment i’m completly in love with tis guy, on the beginning of november its going to be 9 months since i met him, well not exactly iv’e known him for a couple of years now. i really want to tell him of what i feel just to see if there might be a possibility that he likes me too, but i can’t. i dont have that much courage to tell him.

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  1. ThatOneChick says:

    hunny all you need to do is just ask him if he likes you
    that’s what i did with my husband to be

  2. Sara says:

    I know exactly how you fell. Not to be cliche or anything, but because I feel the same way about myself. I’ve been struggling with self-esteem for years now and all I can do is hope that something is going to change. Good luck to you.


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