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So, you’re currently looking for women who are outgoing. Well, im the epitome of just that. Im a graduate of 4 years in musical theatre study and i think even if i hadn’t pursued singing and acting i would be just as wacky and energetic. Im assuming you’re looking for some good tv personalities, so here goes. Some people have described me as being “WAY too much” in the morning, it feels like im on a much higher frequency than everyone else. I have a lot of emotion. And im never afraid to say whats on my mind. I don’t know if it has anything to do with where i come from, or my mom, but it doesn’t take much for me to cry. I’ve been told i have NO FILTER as in i’ll say something.. that i probably shouldn’t say. I’ve been attempting to start my career in the biz but what usually happens to most of us is we get stuck doing the same ol’ dead end job. Im a lovely waitress, and it pays the bills, but that’s it. I know if i could get my foot in the door id be successful. I have the worst luck with guys. I haven’t been in a serious relationship with someone for over two years. I make a lot of “drunken mistakes” lets say.. I seem to sniff out the worst one, and fall madly in love with him.. and then he brutally rips out my soul… and then steps on it… and then sets it on fire. And still.. years later, im still hung up on him. Do i get along with girls, yes and no. I have been in a “b**** fight” in the past with an old friend. VERY out of character for me, but if someone pushes me to a point where i can no longer defend myself with communication, a slap is in order. Me and Alchohol, friends or foes? I have been known to do some pretty outrageous things while under the influence. Once i attempted to steal a car outside the bar, which i convinced my friend was mine. Unfortunately for me, the car was unlocked and i got in, and then moments later was kicked in the hip by the owner (a butch ass chick in heels) and lived to tell the story. But me as a whole, im the super funny, ridiculously cute and friendly girl next door type. Id go as far as saying im the perfect girl for you’re pilot. And i thought, what have i got to lose.

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