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i have never written here , i am not sad or neither but i like writing even if is just in a paper , now i saw a place to write so , here i am. i also had love that this but its nothing to do with this , today when i was working i got a feeling like , how do we live , physicaly , and mentally. and i felt sometimes we exist more mentally thats what my point is all about mentally. what i am saying is may be madness but still it may make sense to some atleast, think about dieing you die physically thats is, when the mind leaves the body or when the body stops working , that means what really happens is we loose our mind that is we loose our mind , and my point is that” if we can sustain our thought in some other way someother we still live” i would like to explain it better. Our body that is human body it works on many basis lets say one of it is like impulses thats they transefer is how we send mesage inside us , and i am sure thats its no far to find out how it works and if its possible in a human body then its possible to create some thing similar , and if we could transfer our memeories to the other organism we will live in a new body with our old memeories that means we never die, les say if einstein livied till now may be the world might have seen something else so how do you think about it

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    its nice

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