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Posted by on 2011/12/12 under Uncategorized

Things just have gone a little crazy lately. My bestfriend and I aren’t fighting anymore so it’s a plus. The holidays are coming right up only a few more days of school left. I need a new phone but Verizon is pretty dumb. I needed somewhere just to write how I’m feeling and what I feel. I kinda like a boy but I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t like me back and the other boy I like basically already has a thing with one of my friends so I’m not going to get into that one. I just wish out of the thousand kids at my high school that maybe one guy could make me happy? Or just even want me for awhile. I’m new to this school this year though I am a freshman. I have a ton of friends already though except for the popular sluts. Being single just sucks most of the time. But i guess whatever, Sometimes I just want to go back to Summer <3 when there weren't worries and friends just wanted to have fun a boyfriend wasn't needed. Just the beach, sunshine, and being high on life (: Those were the days.

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