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What is Enlightment


Thomas Evans

You may hear around these parts the common phrase we use as ´Enlightenment´.

So just what is it?

I will better describe what I interpret this as.

Every morning I awaken I am in love. Not only with the women and family I wake to see but everything that just is.

My head is still. I live in perfect stillness of existing without fear, and emotional controls. My mind dances on a breeze of pure quick thought, with words translated from nothing but emotional feelings.

When I speak of love I can translate it as the following.

Standing still upon the sand. The sea yawns with song. One becomes everything that surrounds. The Light creeps into the skies, the clouds flow and expand, there colours transform to indescribable beauty.

Here is the sun. The golden red,, a mixture of light and shades so rich in colour emerges from the ground, the sounds of waves gather tone. colors becoming richer and brighter, warmth cascades your skin. With each breath you breathe this light, you breathe the colours, how the warmth fills your lungs exploding into every vein.

I am Full of light,, warmth, Colour and sounds of the sea.

Every second I drown in emotion, there are times I cry. There are times I loose my very self unable to withdraw from the feed.

This is instant. Between there and here I exist. Questions that can be asked only seem pointless, one realizes every question there possibly can be as already been asked and answered. There is no need to speak. Only listen.

I am Fully functioning, Every phobia forgotten. Every need to impress expired.

I am, MAN.

This is my experience, and even though yours may be different, you all will gather pace and reach yours in time, one only needs to seek, and one shall find.

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