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Ugh…i hate it how my family always depend on me!!
My DAD, especially, ALWAYS call me to do stuff for HIM.
“make me coffee”
“get this”
“get that”
And what sucks the most is that most of the time, he doesn’t even appreciate what you do!!
For example, you clean the house just because you thought it would be nice of you to do so. You’ll think that he’ll say thank you or something. Wrong. Instead he’ll say something negative.
And there’s my big sister. She’s FREAKING annoying. She would always say “OH MY GOD” and really, its annoying the crap out of me. Then she would always order me around or ask me to do stuff. If i forget to do them, she’ll be such a b****. She’s denial too. She always thinks she’s right even if she’s not. When you try to make her understand why she’s wrong, she’ll be all pissy and say mean things like:
“you’re dumb”
“you’re so stupid”
And sticks to what she believes in.

My mom’s the only decent person here -___-

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